Les (Re)visiteurs de l'histoire 2021

The Centre des monuments nationaux, in partnership with the Ville de Carcassonne, called on Amaclio Productions this year again to create, direct and produce a summer immersive stroll inside the château, inviting the visitors to extend their perception of the City in a unique way. Take part this year in the new creation of Martin Arnaud: Les (Re)visiteurs de l'histoire.

At the end of the day, at dusk or after dark; along with your friends or family: take part in the immersive, spectacular, malicious and innovative adventure of the metamorphosed medieval city. 

Dare to venture inside the precious casket of the château of the Counts and on its ramparts throughout a unique immersive stroll to discover the parapet walk around the fifty-two tower city which has still a lot to unveil.

Depending on the time you come at, admire the landscapes, the castle and the mountains in the distance, or rediscover the ramparts and towers, illuminated and magnified by spectacular colour and texture effects. Whenever you come, you will be immersed in a playful and audacious sound stroll that will make you discover the city in a brand new way. Thus the visitors will enjoy a multi-sensory experience that could leave no one indifferent, enchanting both adults and children.

The new immersive stroll “Les (Re)visiteurs de l'histoire” is a unique occasion to discover the Castle of the Counts and its ramparts, and to be thrilled by the charm and history of Carcassonne. To make the stones alive, one only has to pay attention to new sounds…